Delivering Actionable Customer Analytics

Proxloop will bring the digital aspect of retail into the analogue shopping experience. We provide sales associates with relevant customer analytics before the sales process begins, and they can therefore plan the encounter accordingly. By gaining access to insights about their customers in-store, retailers can deliver a personalized customer experience that increases sales and grows the loyal customer base.


Our Solution

Proxloop provides retail employees with the possibility of understanding their customers on an individual level. Our platform automatically identifies the customer as they walk into the store, and deliver actionable analytics to the sales associates. This allows them to execute customer service based on individual preferences. On a corporate level, store managers can dive deeper into the different customer segments for their stores.

In-store benefits

  • Customer Management
  • Customer Analytics
  • Micro & Macro Insights

Use beacons, or other Bluetooth enabled devices, to identify the customer as they enter the store. This provides the sales associates with relevant customer information.
Acquire analytics of your store’s performance to always improve the customer experience.
Gain insights on your customers on a micro and macro scale. Use it to identify trends, conversion rate for different customer segments, and which customers buy which products.