About Us

The Proxloop team consists of individuals with industry insight. We have experienced the challenges that brick and mortar are facing first hand from both a retailer’s and a customer’s perspective. The team is eager to solve this problem and take part in disrupting an old industry. At Proxloop, we believe in a culture where people aspire to learn, values the power of sharing knowledge and brings fresh perspectives to the table. Our team is hard working and efficient, but we also love to do team bonding over great food and enjoy good movies.



Øistein Sonstad

CEO & Founder


Ingvild Sandmo

COO & Co-founder


Henrik Janson

Software Developer

Why now

While innovative technology is improving the digital retail experience, the brick and mortars are staying the same. Customers are getting accustomed to a personalized experience through digital channels, and are therefore expecting the same from the physical stores. The problem that retailers and their sales associates are facing is that they don’t know who their customers are, their needs or their preferences, to meet their expectations. The industry is in need of a solution to help them understand their customers and to provide an improved and customized customer service. Delivering an excellent customer experience in-store is now needed in the retailer’s omni-channel strategy.

Board of Advisors


Anders H. Lier

President & CEO, Enoro



Arun Shekar

Founder & President



Stephan Eriksen

Software Developer


Ryan Brignoni

Principal iOS Engineer


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